Sarah Dharshi


Sarah Dharshi – Social Media Manager

Having trained in both Bollywood and hip hop styles of dance since the age of four, she founded BBM Dance Company in 2010, a dance crew with the mission of inspiring creativity, empowering women and promoting independence through movement. Focusing primarily on dance has provided Sarah with numerous opportunities such as competing on a national level, training in Los Angeles, choreographing for local advertisements, creating an artist development program, performing on Carnival Cruiselines and dancing for artists like the Juno-award winning Q. Benjamin, Justin Blais, Jasmine Singh, Kirko Bangz, Kyle, Jadakiss, Young MA and more. Through directing BBM and doing public relations and marketing work for several Edmonton start-ups, Sarah has had the opportunity to build a network of equally passionate peers within the city and across Canada which has allowed her use her strong voice on social media as a platform to speak about racism, xenophobia, feminism, mental health awareness and politics. In the past, Sarah has spoken at female empowerment conferences such as femmePOWER, Edmonton Public School Board’s “Mind, Body, Soul” workshops, The Power in Me Youth Forum, Southgate’s Pink Shirt Day, the 2014 and 2015 Fierce Awards and various other workshops across the province. Her recent displays of advocacy have led her to connect with Jesse and Julia Lipscombe, the co-founders of #MakeItAwkward and now serves as the Director of Social Media for the initiative, which seeks to provide every willing person, business and institution the tools, platform and voice to safely speak up and/or help out in the face of racism, hate and prejudice of all kinds. Through sharing personal stories via public speaking and performing, Sarah hopes to continue to inspire people to use their voices as catalysts for positive change and create dialogue that promotes social justice and compassion for all.