MIA Q&A – Julia Lipscombe



Julia Lipscombe is the co-founder and co-executive director of #MakeItAwkward. Her varied role includes public speaking, communications, developing workshops, liaising with speakers and writing and editing copy.

What made you want to get involved with #MakeItAwkward?

The racist incident that Jesse endured was definitely the catalyst, but in general, my husband and I were interested in starting a movement that would empower everyday folks to make the world a kinder, more respectful place.

What have you learned from the experience so far?

I’ve learned that I have a lot to learn. I’ve learned that people are complicated. I’ve learned that even I don’t know where I stand on some difficult topics.

What do you do for work outside of your role with #MakeItAwkward?
Outside of #MakeItAwkward, I’m a chase producer at CBC Radio and a freelance writer. I have a parenting column with the Edmonton Journal and write for local and national publications.

What are three fun facts about yourself?
• I was formerly the music editor of NOW magazine and some career highlights were interviews with Kendrick Lamar, Robyn and Future.
• One of my son’s middle names is Porter, after the jazz singer Gregory Porter.
• I’ve competed in triathlons in Canada and New Zealand.

If you could give people one piece of advice on how they can #MakeItAwkward in their daily lives, what would it be?
Look for opportunities where you can speak up for someone who’s unable to speak up for themselves. Showing solidarity with people can totally change their day—or life.