#MakeItAwkward Presents Jane Elliott


#MakeItAwkward Presents Jane Elliott

Creator of famous “Blue eyes-Brown eyes” experiment to speak at Inclusivity Summit

#MakeItAwkward is proud to announce that Jane Elliott will be speaking at the 2018 #MIA Inclusivity Summit in February 2018. Elliott, who has appeared on Oprah, is a former third-grade teacher known for her famous “Blue eyes-Brown eyes” exercise, which she first conducted with her class the day after the infamous assassination of Martin Luther King Jr in 1968.

Elliott’s exercise labels participants based on their eye colour, which then exposes them to the realities of being part of a minority group. A local newspaper published children’s experiences with the exercise following its first iteration, and the resulting feedback became the catalyst for Elliott’s current work as a public speaker and activist. The exercise was later filmed in 1970 by ABC News and made into the documentary Eye of the Storm. In 1985, the class featured in Eye of the Storm came together with their teachers for a Frontline episode titled A Class Divided, in which participants recall the exercise and its impact on their lives.

Now a full-time diversity educator, Elliott conducts lectures and demonstrates her “Blue eyes-Brown eyes” throughout the United States and internationally.