Steven Csorba


Steven Csorba

In a nutshell, Steven Csorba is an artist and community builder who has battled cancer, came out stronger in the end and is happy to donate a lot of his time and energy to helping others.

He has also helped some of the biggest organizations in the world, like Apple, Xerox, the Department of National Defence to name a few – with their marketing and brand building efforts.

As a longtime Edmontonian Steven has devoted countless hours of community service and encourages others to give back and make community strong. If he has a chance to help others, he does so with all his energy – like it’s the last day of his life.

As the chair of iHuman’s capital project “All In! Edmonton” – he led and convinced countless corporate sponsors to come together to build a safe place for endangered traumatized youth to turn their life around through creativity and community building.

During the past ten years through the donation of his art and as a dedicated savvy do-gooder, Steven has helped raise over $8 Million for a variety of charities in Alberta. In 2014 an original work of art that he donated to the Buchanan Centre for Parkinson’s Disease – auctioned off for $260,000.