MLA David Shepherd


MLA David Shepherd

David Shepherd is a first-generation Canadian and life-long resident of Edmonton. His mother arrived from the Netherlands in 1948 and his father from Trinidad in 1967.

Prior to being elected as member for Edmonton-Centre, he held positions in municipal, provincial and the federal public service, most recently serving with the City of Edmonton Transit department as a communications officer.
MLA Shepherd’s first love was music and he spent many years as a professional musician and studio engineer. He holds diplomas in music performance and studio recording from MacEwan University and a BA in professional communications from Royal Rhodes University.
In addition to his work as MLA for Edmonton-Centre he chairs the Standing Committee on Legislative Offices and is a member of the Standing Committee on Families and Communities.

It may be no surprise to you that David Shepherd is a champion of Edmonton’s arts scene but you may not know that he spent three years working with the North Edge Business Association to promote businesses in Central McDougall and Queen Mary Park. He is also an avid cyclist working with community groups to improve safety and accessibility on Edmonton’s streets and supporting children to walk or bike to school. As a proponent of community engagement he has been a tireless advocate for diversity – in housing that is both inclusive and affordable and in expanding access to services to immigrants and newcomers.

Through this work, he has developed a reputation as a powerful communicator and thoughtful commentator on politics and public policy.
Please welcome Mr. David Shepherd!